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Pan India reach With 100% pincodes

Low on Commission rates

Manage your sales with multiple users & roles

Over 15+ Industrial sectors with 750+ Categories

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  • Business Basic details

    (Name of the Company/Business/Store and Select your business category)

  • Additional Contact Details

    (Additional Mail-ID & Mobile Number)

  • Bank Details

    (Require a Cancelled Cheque Leaf)

  • Address

    (Billing & Pickup Address)


    (Additional Document are optional based on product)


  • Product details

    (Add Product Information)

  • Product category

    (Select the right Product Category)

  • Additional Attributes

    (Add Products Variations, Dimensions, etc)

  • Products Pictures

    (Upload Quality Pictures under guidelines)

  • Finish Listing Products

    (Draft & Add Additional Products Finish when done)

Receive & Deliver

  • Open Store

    (Activate your store front)

  • Start Receiving Orders

    (We’ll Notify you when you receive orders On our website)

  • Prepare your Order

    (Using purchase order you can start preparing your orders)

  • Ready for shipment

    (Use our End-End delivery for your shipments)

  • Complete Delivery

    (Gain customer satisfaction with your Product)


  • Complete a Sale

    (Once you complete a Sale your cash will be Reflected on your dashboard)

  • Payouts

    (Your earnings will be credited directly to your registered bank account based on the payout date)

  • Profits

    (Start Making Profits by Selling your products On our platform)